Fluxfilm No. 16: Four (1966/1967)

From Fluxus Foundation Archive (2013)

Fluxfilm No. 16:
Four, Yoko Ono. 5:30 min. Silent. B&W. 
With Susanna Campbell,Philip Corner, Anthony Cox, Bici Hendricks, Geoffrey Hendricks, Kyoko Ono, Yoko Ono, Ben Patterson, Jeff Perkins, Susan Polang, Jerry Sablo, Carolee Schneemann, James Tenney, Pieter Vanderbiek, Verne Williams. 
Camera: Jeff Perkins,Anthony Cox. 
Entry by Maciunas: “Sequences of buttock movement as various performers walked. Filmed at constant distance.”

Film No. 4  Yoko Ono, Film No. 4 (1966/1967)

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