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Flyleaf Fluxus In China catalogue

Fluxus Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of FLUXUS_IN_CHINA exhibition catalogue. Published in conjunction with the exhibition FLUXUS IN CHINA , the 156-page, full color catalogue includes images, documents and essays exploring the legacy of George Maciunas and Fluxus that extended art into other realms of society including intellectual property, education reform, architecture and urban planning, as well as their impact up to the present. The exhibition is curated by Zhenning Fang (international curator and critic), Harry Stendhal (chairman and founder, Fluxus Foundation), and Fanyu Lin (architect and curator, Fluxus Foundation), and organized by Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture Graduate School of Architecture Design and Art.


The catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition FLUXUS IN CHINA 
Editor in chief:    Zhenning Fang
Sponsor:             Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture
                          Graduate School of Architecture Design and Art
Supporter:          Fluxus Foundation, FANGmedia, Beijing Design Week
Publisher:          China Youth Publishing Group
Medium:             Offset lithograph on acid-free paper from Japan
Size:                  25cm x 25cm
Print runs:          1000 copies
Edition:              2014.9. Beijing First Edition
ISBN 978-7-5153-2827-0
Printed in China

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