Yoko Ono: Do It Yourself Fluxfest (1966)

From Fluxus Foundation Archive (2009)

Do It Yourself Fluxfest (1966), a 20-piece collection conjoining short instructional texts by Ono with Maciunas’ graphic illustrations. First printed in “3 newspaper events for the price of $1,” the No. 7, February 1966 issue of the Fluxus magazine cc V TRE, the compilation underscores the Fluxus idea that anyone can make art. These amusing pieces find meaning in the humorous dialogue that exists between Ono’s instructions and Maciunas’ skillful treatment of text with relation to pictorial motifs.

DIY_Yoko Ono_Fluxus Foundation


Yoko Ono Do It Yourself Fluxfest, circa 1966 Design by George Maciunas Printed on Cardstock 3 7/8 x 3 7/8 in.


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