Anti-Film / Anti-Art


Promote living art, anti-art, promote NON-ART REALITY,” declares Fluxus founder and central organizer George Maciunas, in his 1963 Fluxus Manifesto. Maciunas opposed the dominant landscape of art—and, like his Dada contemporaries before him, sought to overturn it. Rather than privileging the heroic individual artist and traditional mediums of art, Fluxus worked collectively and emphasized interdisciplinary work, performance, and ephemerality. This exhibition focuses on the works of Maciunas and two of his key Fluxus collaborators: Yoko Ono and George Brecht. On view are George Brecht’s event scores, Yoko Ono’s DO IT YOURSELF FLUXFEST, excerpts from An Anthology (of Chance Operations), and Fluxfilms ENTRANCE to EXIT, One, and ARTYPE.

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